WASH & WAX is a product based on natural vegetable waxes, fully biodegradable, which lets you create a new concept in washing vehicles:

Eliminates or reduces water consumption from 400 to 500 liters of water per vehicle;
Assists in reducing the energy expenditure of having to throw away these gallons of water wasted on a traditional car wash;
Reduces energy consumption by eliminating the use of machines;
Reduces the space needed to wash a vehicle, allowing us to wash our vehicle any time or place;
Its secret formula will not scratch the delicate surface of the vehicle, as each application encapsulates dirt particles with a protective layer of wax;
When applied, Wash & Wax leaves a long lasting protective finish, keeping a longer clean car;
With Wash & Wax does not matter how is applied, back and forth, up and down, circles, diagonally, waiting to dry in the sun, it’s your choice!



Its unique and revolutionary formula of 2 parts, is saturated with positively charged ions, which chemically attach themselves to the surface of the vehicle, leaving the surface clean. WASH & WAX is reinforced with carnauba wax, liquid that protects the delicate surface of the vehicle and promotes the strap, with additional advantages like:
Helps prevent and eliminate oxidation
Helps remove surface stains;
Removes insects or bugs attached to the vehicle.
After the final stage with the dry polishing cloth, the surface will have
more shine and long lasting protection against the sun and


Shake the bottle to activate the formula of 2 parts
Apply Wash & Wax to the vehicle on any surface with dirt, soil, bugs or tar. It can also be applied to glass.
Leave the formula on for a few seconds to work (30 seconds to 1 minute) or more depending on the amount of dirt in the vehicle.
Use a damp cloth to spread evenly through the surface.
Polish with another dry cotton cloth.
You will finally get a clean surface with a layer of wax without using water.
It’s that simple.






Thoroughly cleans and creates a layer of wax in just one easy step without water.
Works on any hard, smooth but not porous surface.
Safe on all types of paint.
Cleans soil, dirt, insect marks, haze and tar.
Safely removes oxidation effectively.
Also excellent within the home. Applies gloss to surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, gel coat or ceramic.
Removes spray paint.


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